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Sensitivity is a human trait. Every human being on this Earth is responsive to their environment and that includes all the people in our lives. As sensitives, we may perceive others as insensitive or less conscientious. I can’t count the times I’ve thought to myself, ‘Why in the world would someone say or do that?’ I’ve been intuitively and spiritually tuned-in since early childhood and I was fortunate to have a loving, supportive family. Yet, when I ventured out into the big, wide world, I often felt misunderstood and misperceived. I'm often enmeshed in other people’s energy, to the extent that I would go to any level to love them, care for them, and then be hurt myself thinking about why do people not react the same way, or why do people comment on me. Certainly, there are a small number of people who deliberately act in ways that hurt others. However, I’ve come to recognize most people are simply unconscious about the effect of their words or actions. We all do have a shadow sid
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As human beings, we have a fundamental social need to “belong”; from an evolutionary perspective, we are dependent on belonging to a group for survival. Therefore an absence of expected social engagement is a threat to a fundamental need; it signals that we are socially worthless and a bad fit for that very community that we depend on. This creates a sense of ostracism in the mind of an indivy. As a “sin of omission,” ostracism is an act that someone didn’t do: they didn’t acknowledge you or reach out to you or invite you to something. Whether the act of one person or many, it can include being left off email threads, being looked over for a committee position, or being ignored when making suggestions. Often the person who is leaving you out may not mean any deliberate slight; they may be forgetful or distracted in the moment, or more generally socially insensitive or inept. And those who do realize they are doing it — often as a misguided way of avoiding handling conflict

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Granny's Patchwork of Love❤️

"Your Grandmother would've been proud of you, if she were here today" This is something I often hear from my family and relatives. She passed away when I was in Grade 8 and I miss her more as I grow older because now I understand what values she imbibed in me  My Grandma was a Social Science teacher and a Principal in a Government School, and my source of inspiration & guidance. She was an angel in disguise who taught me how to care. She was a spiritual person who believed in God and treated everyone with love and respect.  She always said "You never know when you are interacting with an angel, so be kind and generous always".  Since she passed, all I have is her fond memories, her valuable lessons & our laughs and giggles.  One particular thing she asked me to take as an advice as an oxigen canister in this fast spreading virus borne world.  That was -"Don’t ever let your ice cream melt while you’re counting someone else’s sprinkles.”  I have been

Introverts - Simply Mysterious People ✨🌸

Imagine, You’re sitting in a large group & you suddenly hit with a great idea.While you’re working up the nerve to voice that idea out loud,the extrovert sitting next to you blurts it out first,getting all the credit.You’re devastated & angry at yourself for not speaking up.🥺 Ever Happened? Happened with me multiple times🤷 According to Carl Jung, everyone has an intoverted & an extroverted side,with one dominant on the other🤷 Those on the more extroverted side tend to be energized by social stimulation, they value the outer world & are more apt to conform with society.Those closer to the introverted side can feel drained by too much social stimulation,so they require a certain amount of alone time to re-energise 🌼 They are not be confused with loners, or antisocial.They are simply more focussed on inner world of ideas🌈 Introverts are mostly "in their head,engaging in deep conversations, ruminating about life,& everything" & take time to reflect on