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Your Soul will glow 🌟

We humans are wired in a manner that makes us fragile and strong at the same time. We always seek validation. We need someone to praise us, reassure us, that we are good, good enough. And it starts early. It starts with our family. Your mother tells you how beautiful you are. Your father tells you how amazing you are. And we start to bloom in that praise and support.  And that's when life hits you. A few people will ruin your whole day with a nasty remark. Their comments will move you to tears. And we carry the same teachings and mindset. When you are made to feel bad or worthless, short of something, you start doubting yourself. When you are not appreciated but rather targeted, you question yourself. Am I even good enough? Do i make a difference? And that's how we lose our self-worth. We either lose those people or we lose the bond with them. And now we are all alone in this. There is no one to hold your shoulders and tell you "Hey, you are good enough. You ar
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Yes, You are Beautiful ♥️

To those who feel they are not beautiful, Let me start with the brutal truth. Looks do matter. There are millions of people who will always judge you by your appearance. So if you talk about these millions of people, then you are not beautiful, in their eyes. I won't give you this fake hope that your inner beauty will dazzle them, and they will forget about your looks. No., you will never be beautiful for them, So that's the harsh truth. I'll give you an instance from my life, The first time someone commented on me regarding my simple dressing and thick glasses was at my cousin's wedding. And I was okay with it, I thought this is just the way people behave at social events, they comment on other people's dressing, and other people's laughter, someone's face, someone's height, weight, etc. Even if it is at the expense of someone's self worth. And with time, I myself started believing that there must be something wrong with the way I conduc

To the people who don't like to 'bother' others!

To those who consider themselves as a burden, who have lost their sense of self worth and those who prefer keeping things to themselves instead of letting them out:- I know you don’t want to worry anyone with your pain and add onto theirs. I know you don’t want others to take time out of their busy lives to make a fuss and help you out. I know you don’t want to seem selfish, talking all about what you’re feeling right now. I know you are accustomed to being always there at someone's lowest point, but keep their distance when it's your turn to be in a tough situation But please believe me when I say this: you can’t keep it to yourself. It won’t just go away. It always finds a way to come back to absolutely terrify you, haunting your every thought. Because I’ve been there. It’s a constant struggle I still face today. Also, believe me when I say there’s always, always a way to battle it. Sadly, there’s no known way to have your fear, anger, sadness, confusion or anxie

Hope grins on the doorway of 2022♥️

The chilly winds on my face, the little mist in the air, red nose, cold hands, mom screaming take care oh, with December, the year comes to an end,  some tears some smiles, and i made one new friend.  The end of this year full of ambiguities is near, bringing the time to reflect what we reared in the whole long year, other than lament and fear. A time to reflect which do's and don'ts crossed our lines & which relations grew fine. What was learnt and what was taught. What was new and what felt like draught,  What engrossed within our hearts & what disappeared fast. What made us grateful & kind, What was love when cherished from distance, What was mirth when tried to express, What was gained and what was lost.  Was all a part of the year just going to pass. Falling again and again with consistency, Then bringing my life into existence, I learned that this world is here to tear you, Are you enough strong to create your own space, Only then, you can embrace,

Choose Yourself, and Those who Choose You!

There is perhaps no more painful thought in the world than that of “nobody likes me.” It’s an easy feeling to indulge and dwell on, a terrible go-to self-attack in low moments when we feel isolated, anxious or left out. This feeling has almost no bearing in reality and no purpose other than to deeply wound us and turn us against ourselves. We start finding faults within ourselves. We blame ourselves for all that happens to us. If someone ignores us, we start thinking something is wrong with us only, if someone acts rude towards us, we start feeling guilty for our nature.  Feeling left out or excluded is something we all experience some way or another, but when it’s crafted by the friends you thought were close to you, a deluge of pain eats away at you. I still remember, one of the instances during my college days. Some classes in college naturally require non-individual projects. As soon as the professor parted his lips one time “You have to work in pairs”, I was met with m