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Be Kind with your Words ✨

WORDS, We all live and breathe words🙌 Words  that we utter on a day-to-day basis make a huge difference! Isn't it? It can make or destroy our relationships! Every word that comes out of my mouth counts. I sometimes think, I wish I wouldn't have said that! I wish I would have restrained myself, My words might have hurt somebody!🥺 Don't you think that too? WORDS ARE THINGS. In fact, they are even more thingy than material things. If you are hit by a rock, the wound might take days to heal. But harsh words can cause a wound that festers for years, and the pain can last a lifetime. And at the same time Words can relieve a heart from its doubts. It can ease a mind  of its nagging questions!  Be kind with your words. They can spring hope into a deserted heart!  It is so easy to say something at the expense of another for the purpose of enhancing our own image. But such remarks - irresistible as they may be - serve only to fatten our egos and agitate others.🤷 We should be so fe
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See the Good in People ✨

"She is so authoritative" "He is so arrogant and cocky" "She always try to please everyone with something or the other" "He always wants to be in a limelight" We all have such thoughts running in our head whenever we interact with people, and somewhere or the other people do gossip, people lash out, and snipe at others to protect their fragile selves. They tear you down to make themselves look slightly better by comparison. But my question to is "Are we a gold digger or a dirt digger?" Wondering why I'm asking this?  Well, If you are among those who like to point faults in people, this habit of yours may ruin you! yes, you might not realise it,  But, it's an ultimate recipe of misery We all have sensitivities that are specific to our upbringing, isn't it? All that matters is how you look upon others, Sometimes the ego that exists in our small portion of mind dominates our thoughts & it often provides a subtle

We're a Good Person Regardless!❤️

Sometimes we care too much about what others think of us,  We reason with ourselves and always find ourself at fault. Sometimes we give a lot, and expect people to do the same to us.  There are and will be times when people will take undue advantage of us, but we'll always be there whenever they'll need us again.  But people rarely acknowledge the good that you do to them!  "Am I not good enough?"  "Why are people so harsh in their tone"  "Am I that bad?"  "Why is the world so hard on me?" All sorts of question revolve in our head! We are not alone in this thinking, everyone has the same worries and thoughts🙌 It's normal Because staying real and authentic can feel like swimming upstream especially when we are in the process of figuring out who we truly are! Sometimes, doing that we 'll lose our true self In a generation where our self worth is usually measured in terms of how many likes we receive, it's but natura

Realise Your Self Worth ✨

When you hand your life over on a platter to someone you end up handing over a good chunk of your self-worth to that person You don't realise that, but your worth gets defined by what they think of you! You always ponder what they might be thinking about you, how they might feel, what they would do, what they might say and all sorts of stuff.  Have you ever wondered How would your life be if you stopped allowing other people to dilute your day with their words or opinions? There'll always be someone who can't see your worth! Don't let that person be you yourself! There'll always be someone who'll belittle you, there'll always be someone who would not like you,  There'll will always be cases when you would have your best intentions at heart while the other person won't. There'll always be cases when you'll be left out in the dark despite all the good that you do, But at the same time, you gotta n pinch yourself and tell yourself

Be a Pioneer of Future, Not a Prisoner of Past ✨

Most of the times, we all are au courant that our plate is t oo full, But we still convince ourselves that we need to finish it by ourselves We have a tendency of trying to do everything on our own Primarily, because we don’t want to bother anyone! But most often what we fail to realise is that if someone cares for us, they’re not going to let us suffer alone So, all those who are battling hard with their emotions, Before you decide anything, take some time. Take time to think what lies before you. Remember, Even the darkest days end with the sunrise. Whenever it hurts, don't just weep, rather observe. Observe who's there with you in times of sorrow Life is trying to teach you something It's all in our hands🤷 We can either kill ourselves just because we have lost what we considered to be our greatest opulence, Or fight, with our current state, our mind, with our own self just to prove that we are still the protagonist, & protagonists never lose.🙌✨