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Just Do It! Don't Explain 🌟

You are responsible for your intention, not your reception.” -Amy E. Smith

We most often say- But I only did it because…
And I was just tying to…
No, no, no, what I meant was…
Wait! Let me explain!

I’ve realized that I too put a lot of energy into trying to explain my decisions🤷. Sometimes those explanations are an honest attempt to connect with another person or to step a little further out of hiding.

Often, they are a result of my own self-doubt and desire for people to like me🤔

We all probably spend a lot of time explaining ourselves, justifying our actions to others as if we were in a court of law🙈

But the people who require an explanation probably won’t understand us anyway💯

We can’t control what they think. It's their perception. They will hear what they want to hear! 

It’s important to remember that everyone’s perception of reality is different. Everyone has his or her own selective filters based on their life experience. No matter how much explaining you try to do, they will typically only be able to hear information based on what they know🤷

So Just make sure that you are happy for all that you do🥰

Just make sure that you live your life in your own terms. Last but not the least, your happiness is all that matters at the end of the day.🌸🌈🌟

 #behappyalways #positivevibesonly #liveonyourterms #JustDoIt #inspiration #motivation


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