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Happiness is a Dish 🍲🌈

If I say, 
Happiness is a Dish ,🍲

Then what are the Ingredients of Happiness?🤷
Well, Even I was clueless and with this I went to my Mom and asked her, she said- "It doesn't require any special ingredient"🤷

You can find Happiness within each an every small moment! "Just be you, and you only!"❤️
I believe that everything we do, big or small, is in the pursuit of happiness. When we buy something, we do it to make us feel good and satisfied.🥰We look for a job that makes us feel good. We go on holidays 🤩to find happiness and so on. If you start to watch closely and ask yourself why you are eating this or doing that, I think you will find most often than not the answer is, to be happy and feel satisfied and good.🥳
Happiness is a choice .We seem to be in an endless pursuit of happiness and yet the happiness keeps eluding us❤️

🌻Learn to live in the moment

🌻Hone your habits of fairness, generosity, integrity and kindness
🌻Find the sweet spot in your life, focusing on family helping others, and your passions
🌻Real Happiness comes from a continuous effort to become the best version of yourself
🌻So go ahead, tune in with yourself
🌻True happiness doesn’t come from wealth, pleasure or fame.

Rather, it comes from an internal state of mind, anchored in the contentment only attained by living life in the best way possible"🌸
Acknowledge the best and worst in yourself, and strike a balance💫

Family, friends, being part of a community, and appreciating the little joys of the average day are things that counts more 💯

Real happiness comes from within us, our vibes, because as I said earlier Our Vibes attract our tribe🌈. And as we sow, so shall we reap🌸. 

So do positive receive positive and gain the True Happiness🎊💯

Lets work hard so that our happiness quotient bubbles up and out and becomes contagious🌈🥰❤️


Ashutosh said…

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