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People We Meet- A Lesson? or A Blessing?🤷

There's a purpose for everyone we meet🤷

They are either a Lesson or a Blessing🌸💫
Infact, Everything in this life has a purpose for existing😌

The people who cross our paths are there to help us learn some of the most valuable lessons about life🌸
So Do good🌸

Speak good😊

Think good🤔
Realize that every being we encounter is an enlightened being, disguised, to show us the way🛤️
Some show us how we should not be🤷

Others as we should be🌟

Everything is a part of a certain chain reaction.
So, even though some of us regret having wasted some precious moments of our life on worthless things, we need to realise that the experience we went through changed us and made us what we are today ✨
Each person that we meet plays a specific role in our life. Even the ones who look like they’re only passing by💯

But, especially those who made us suffer, shattered our dreams and changed our lives!
We can deny it all, & say that we regret the day we met a certain someone, but the truth is, in the long run, every single one of these encounters will help us find ourself and be the person we truly aspire to be🌟
Whether they’re our friends,colleagues, workmates, they serve as connections or stepping stones that help us grow and evolve🥰
Some people come into our lives to test us🌸

Some to teach us😌

Some to use us🥺


Some to bring out the best in us ❤️
One day or the other people will knock out doors 
& we have to decipher whether it's their existence

or their trespassing Is the wake up call🕛💯
Manier times we stick to negative ones while fade away the positive ones. So, we just have to understand the hidden behavior based on our past experiences to step up with the flamboyant "SYNCHRONIZING VIBE".
Joruney to self discovery 🌈

Feel free to share your thoughts ☺️

Would love to hear from all 🌸

Have a Happy Friday ❤️


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