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Heal in Trust 🌼

Most of the times,  People are au courant that their plate is too full, But they still convince themselves that they need to finish it by themselves   They have a tendency of trying to do everything on their own,  Primarily, because they don’t want to bother anyone.  But most often what they fail to realise is that if someone cares for them & loves them, they’re not going to let them suffer alone. So, all those who are battling hard with their emotions, Before you decide anything, take some time.  Take time to think what lies before you.  Remember, Even the darkest days end with the sunrise. Whenever it hurts, don't just weep, rather observe.  Observe who's there with you in times of sorrow Life is trying to teach you something Good times give you pleasant memories, no doubt But, it is the bad times that build you, they are sort of stepping stones.  Yes it's tough to forget what you have gone through, but at least don't dwell on it.  At the end of the da

Relationships are like Plants ❤️

A Relationship is not a degree or a diploma which we can start anytime & finish in 3-4 years, It's a lifetime course, not just to study but to feel, understand and live❤️ Isn't it? Relationships are like living things: they are either growing or dying Relationships grow and flourish when we invest in them & nurture them Relationships are like plants 🌱 They need to be nurtured & watered to grow & to develop Neglect this & the relationship soon loses its gloss, its lustre & its ability to stand the weathering of time The words we use are powerful They can make or break our relations It takes years to mould a relationship but only a fraction of second for it to be shattered 💔 Remember that it is quicker to destroy than build The glue that holds all relationships together is trust, & trust is based on integrity & Honesty is the pillar on which the relations stand🙌 Trust is a highly valuable asset that can either make or break us especi

Don't Over Apologize🙌

"I'm Sorry" How powerful these words are, isn't it? They release us from the guilt of having wronged someone & restores a sense of trust But have you ever noticed how often you say sorry? Do you over apologize at times? Just like chocolates, too much "Sorry" is bad!  The sorry''s we sprinkle through our days hurt us more than anything else They make us appear smaller and more timid than we really are, & They can undercut our confidence, Our self esteem, Our self worth & I'm not saying people who over apologize are inherently bad people They are just over sensitive & in most cases overthinkers who fear being judged & not accepted Pyschologists have noticed that Over apologising stems from being too hard on ourselves & beating ourselves up for things rather than realising that everyone makes mistakes It's a human tendency to make mistakes & That's absolutely fine Even Good hearts can sometimes choose

Beauty Is Eternity ❤️✨

What is Beauty ? Do you have a tactile answer for this? For me, Beauty is a feeling which leaves the viewer mesmerized It is the excitement which one gets at the sight of flowers or admiration of something that is visually appealing to the eyes. It is the song, which brings happiness to the ears as well as to the heart Our society unfortunately, is obsessed with looks and outer beauty🤷 Sadly, Everyone has pancaked their identities and soul with the layers and masks of what they call as beautifying the body However, beauty is more than what you see Beauty is an unfading asset every one of us has got which comes from within us We must remember that, if the heart or soul is hollow, no amount of decent glances are going to make a person beautiful Beauty is Eternity❤️ Instead of judging people on their physical appearance, it’s important to appreciate their innerbeauty A wise man once said that we shouldn’t be judging a book by its cover, but we instantly make beliefs about a p

It's Okay to Say "No" 🙌

"No" Such a small word and yet many people struggle for years saying it!  Isn't it? Even I can't say "No"! Just yesterday, it seemed an ardous task to just say "No" to something I didn't like🥺 Why? Because of its association with being selfish, rude Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough~Josh Billings Isn't it so true? I find it almost unbearable to say no, no matter how busy I am, and how much I do not want to do a task I used to say yes all the time because the thought of saying no crippled me What I never realised was I didn't owe anybody anything🙌 & I can never control anybody’s opinion about me Life flows, it moves and will it progress whether I say no or not✨ I can make a choice to go through it hurriedly or go through it mindfully The key is learning to balance kindness and courteousness without sacrificing our own sense of self-worth✨ We often thi

Bloom Like A Flower ❤️

Think of a flower, it does not think of competing with other flowers, Does it? No! It just blooms🌻, Wherever planted So just like a flower, bloom at your own space Celebrate what makes you different. Everyone is different, nobody is perfect.  We all have flaws in us .Let’s face it; if everyone were perfect, then the world would be an ugly place full of boredom and sheer monotony! Embrace your uniqueness, Conformity tears the world apart. When you try to "fit in" and be the same as others around you, you are diminishing who truly you are 🤷 Preserve against all odds! Whatever you do, don't let opinions of others convince you to walk away from what you are passionate about🌈 Don't think what others might feel about you, for, nobody even cares what you do, nobody has time to think about what others do👆 And even if they do, let their opinions dictate how and what you do. Nothing can stop you, Go for it! Discover your true self ❤️ Dream big! Preserve against

Self Soothing ❤️

Feeling Anxious? Why? Thinking about the future? or Dwelling into the past? If I say there's no point doing that, then? The more anxious you feel, the more your mind criticises , over analyzes. Anxiety amplifies when you revisit the past or live in the future! Because, You either mentally review all things that had happened in the past or you look into the future and create "what if" scenarios I have an affirmation for you! Turn your inner criticism to inner soother Regulate your anxiety, go out for a walk, do some leisure activity, and self soothe You'll start to feel good about yourself with all the ups and downs🙌 Remember- You yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection ❤️ Be a self soother✨