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Seek The Good❤️

Choice is the most powerful tool we have! Everything boils down to choice. We exist in a field of infinite possibilities. Every choice we make shuts an infinite number of doors and opens an infinite number of doors.  At any point we can change the direction of our lives by a simple choice.  It is all in our hands, our hearts, and our minds. In a world where it is easy to see the dirt, be the one that sees gold in everything❤️ Believe that people genuinely will do the right thing and have the best intentions when they begin something So stop, close your eyes, and think about the goodness in people instead of the negative tendencies. Seek out the positive intent ❤️ We all go through tough times, have bad days, sad days and boring days. We all experience times when we feel like nothing good can be found.  Though we can't totally avoid these days in our lives, but the choice comes down to how you handle those days when they do come. Will you wallow in the negative feelings?

Eat the Wait ⌚

Ever faced a situation where you had to wait for long before you get what you desire? Say a dream job? You sweat bullets before your call comes, isn't it?  Infact, Life all comes down to a few moments. & This is one of them. Thinking What to do?  Be cool with the wait! Yes, be cool Consider everything a test Even the possible extended 10-minute wait. Even a 3hr long wait Interviewers often do this to see how you react when something falls out of schedule. So “eat the wait.” Stay cool. Be gracious and smile.    If you’ve got a carnival in your tummy while waiting for your call, be cool, relax.  They called you in to give you the job so don't blow it! Remember, Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. No matter how much time it takes, your patience & persistent attitude will attract happiness & bring near that which is far❤️ Trust the process 🌼