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Be A Gold Digger❤️✨

"She doesn't even think twice before uttering" "He could have done something fruitful Instead of wasting his time on that" "She is so arrogant & cocky" We all have such thoughts running in our head whenever we interact with people!  But my question to you is "Are you a gold digger or a dirt digger?" Wondering why I'm asking this?  Well, If you are among those who like to point faults in people, this habit of yours may ruin you! Yes, you might not realise it,  But, It's an ultimate recipe of misery We all have sensitivities that are specific to our upbringing, isn't it? All that matters is how you look upon others, Sometimes the ego that exists in our small portion of mind dominates our thoughts & it often provides a subtle psychological lift to our self esteem by diminishing the value of others Its so easy to find a million flaws in someone, or to find reasons to dislike someone, It's easy to disagree with someone, or