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Gazing at the Stars⭐

I'm an Astrophile❤️

Yes,I love #stars,I love gazing at the #sky full of stars⭐

Coincidentally, my name literally means a "starlet"✨,my parents named me Tarika for they wanted me to shine bright like a star,bring forth light in darkness & BE THE REASON someone believes in goodness of the people 🙌❤️

"Mainu nikki hundi ton hi taare change lagde si😍✨"

My parents till date call me their star,the twinkle in their eyes🤩

Isn't it amazing how the little things like the night sky & stars can freely show you what truly matters in the world, what makes the world go round🙌

It's the most beautiful thing for me.Whenever I feel down,I gaze at the sky.The vastness of universe helps me keep myself in perspective🙌

Whenever I feel down I just look above the sky It energize me, making my problem so small in front of people going through worst✨

What calms me is the simplicity of the stars💯

That test I failed feels like nothing when I look at the stars and realize that there is so much waiting for me

It makes me believe that one day I can be a star that burns for millions of years🌟

I hope to leave a memory like that

That people won’t forget me

That's why I love the stars❤️

In the darkest time, I have always believed, the light will shine
 I look at the stars to see how they sparkle during their prime time once the night steals the daylight, and say to myself that — I will have my time to shine too. 

Do you love stars too?🤩


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