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See the Good in People ✨

"She is so authoritative"

"He is so arrogant and cocky"

"She always try to please everyone with something or the other"

"He always wants to be in a limelight"

We all have such thoughts running in our head whenever we interact with people, and somewhere or the other people do gossip, people lash out, and snipe at others to protect their fragile selves. They tear you down to make themselves look slightly better by comparison.

But my question to is "Are we a gold digger or a dirt digger?"

Wondering why I'm asking this? 

Well, If you are among those who like to point faults in people, this habit of yours may ruin you!

yes, you might not realise it, 


it's an ultimate recipe of misery

We all have sensitivities that are specific to our upbringing, isn't it?

All that matters is how you look upon others,

Sometimes the ego that exists in our small portion of mind dominates our thoughts & it often provides a subtle psychological lift to our self esteem by diminishing the value of others

Its so easy to find a million flaws in someone, or to find reasons to dislike someone. 

It's easy to disagree with someone, or put someone down.

it's all the more easy to gossip about others, judge them without even knowing who they actually are and what are they going through. That’s something anyone can do. Anyone can focus on the negative in someone

It's easy to say that 'wow, their life looks so perfect, everyone loves them, 

But, Maybe their grass looks greener, because they’ve painted on its hue, Just remember from the other side, your grass looks greener too. Just because someone carries it well, doesn't mean it isn't heavy. 

It takes a humble mind to think of the good in others most of the time

Maybe if we sought out gold instead of dirt, the world might be a better and more peaceful place.

Be an example for others and make them wonder why you are different, be the one that finds gold

Always remind yourself how small you are in the amazing wondrous world around you

If we eliminate fault finding by turning within through the eyes of introspection, we'll realise how Imperfect we are!, for 1 fault we identify with someone, if We resolve to find 10 errors within ourselves we will become so busy digging up the dirt within ourselves that there may not be opportunities to point fingers at others. 

The more you invest in recognising the greatness of others the more it'll translate into recognising your own greatness

I love this quote bt Eleanor Roosevelt- " Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people" 

Stop verbalizing your negative thought even if you have a thought. Create a filter in your mind " if you don't have something nice to say, keep it to yourself" .
Life would be much more beautiful then. 


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