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Be kind with your words 🌸

Your words can be more healing than can any kind of medicine.  They be more toxic than poison.  They any kind of can free a heart from  the chains that keep it holding on and that make it fear letting go. They can spring hope into a deserted heart.  They can shatter a soul barely holding on to the pieces that make it strong.  They can strike happiness into the souls in most need of it, and they can strike sadness into the souls of those most far away from it. So, before you speak, ask yourself if your words are true.  If they are not, then you are fooling the hopeless into hope that won't last.  You are breaking down walls temporarily that will be built even higher afterwards.  Say what the truth and genuineness in your heart need to say.  Say no more.✨

Be Strong, Be You!

Sometimes, we feel the world sees us like a cupcake without icing,  a paper plane without embellishments,  a perfume without scent  or  a terrain without flowers..  By their standards, nothing is special about us; for them, we are just a piece of plain paper without crafted words. Yes, in their naked eyes we are mundane,  but, In the eyes of the wise our beauty is arcane.  Why?  Because the beauty you carry within yourself turns numerous souls around.  Our echoes pass from soul to soul, & augment for ever & ever. Kind words can be teeny & easy as pie to speak, but their echoes are truly endless Your innermost beauty is the most alluring facet about you Keep that, beautiful❤️