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Just a thought!

Sensitivity is a human trait. Every human being on this Earth is responsive to their environment and that includes all the people in our lives. As sensitives, we may perceive others as insensitive or less conscientious. I can’t count the times I’ve thought to myself, ‘Why in the world would someone say or do that?’
I’ve been intuitively and spiritually tuned-in since early childhood and I was fortunate to have a loving, supportive family. Yet, when I ventured out into the big, wide world, I often felt misunderstood and misperceived. I'm often enmeshed in other people’s energy, to the extent that I would go to any level to love them, care for them, and then be hurt myself thinking about why do people not react the same way, or why do people comment on me.

Certainly, there are a small number of people who deliberately act in ways that hurt others. However, I’ve come to recognize most people are simply unconscious about the effect of their words or actions. We all do have a shadow side. But does that mean one can say anything and everything that comes to one's mind? no one deserve abuse of any kind. How much can one be tolerant towards harassment, bullying, psychological manipulation, gaslighting or emotional neglect? 

Let’s talk about when someone makes an off-hand remark and it hits you right in the heart, right at your core. For most of my life, I was very emotionally reactive. I would either vent all that's inside me or be quiet no matter what. It’s taking time, mindfulness and lots of practice to remind myself to pause, sit with my strong emotions and feel them fully before deciding what to say or do. Somehow, I've built such strong walls around my heart. 

What do you think? 
Is it good to build strong walls around one's heart?
Is it fine to become a more quiet person, thinking that you don't matter in this world?


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